The Reason That Why PVC Ca/Zn Stabilizer Became Popular

2022-03-19 12:17:47 admin 179

The most evident trend in PVC heat stabilizers is the quickening phase-out of heavy metals, principally cadmium and lead. Barium, a key component of many of the cadmium-replacement stabilizer systems for flexible PVC may be the next metal to come under scrutiny in the future for toxicity. Consequently, suppliers are working to come up with barium-free systems, so that is the reason calcium/zinc stabilizerbecame popular.

The reason that why traditional stabilizer transfers to Ca/Zn stabilizer because as the economy grows up, it pushes the whole society onto a path to sustainable development. Ca/Zn stabilizer has many traits, such as Replacing the organic tin stabilizer, lead salt stabilizer, and other environmentally-friendly stabilizer to meet environmental hygiene requirements.  Excellent initial whiteness and thermal stability, and resistance to sulfur pollution. Good lubrication and unique coupling effect, making the filler with good dispersibility. Enhancing the cover with resin, improving the performance of products, reducing mechanical wear and prolong the service life of the equipment. Toughening and promoting function, with good plasticizing fluidity.and Giving good uniform plasticizing and high-speed melt fluidity to PVC mixtures, making products with smooth surface.