Here you will see blood and youth, and here you will find madness and passion. ErAKic has been accomplished by the volunteers, interns and staffs. Through their effort and contribution, we become more and more prosperous. We are always seeking for ambitious and snappy members. We offer diversified ways for being involved.

If you are interested in charity, we have many volunteer programs for participation.

If you need a internship experience during university, we can offer you enough exercise opportunities for building your skill through your learned.

If you have formidable ambition, and would like to work with international business, international market strategy, project management meanwhile you are skilled on communication skills, business skills, management skills, we can offer you a good platform for your development.

As long as you are talented, as long as you have enough ability, we are welcome to send your resume with your brief introduction to our email at Your participation will make our group more wonderful.


Thanks for your attention on our volunteering postion with ErAKic! There are many reasons for you to become involved in ErAKic's programs and events. Such as get a social experience, gain personal ability improvement, improve communication skills, expand your network, and some are only for fun. However, most of them are have a sence of mind to help others and finally to accheive a goal of social responsibility. When you perform your social responsibility, you will find your life will become very meaningful.

Are you a undergraduate who is studying in university willing to extend your life experience or earning some working skills?

Are you a social worker who is interested in project operation, team work, or foreign trade willing to make weekend life more colorful and meaningful?

Are you an retiree who is seek for recreational activity willing to gain some social experiences?

Please follow with us, we have many volunteer program for serving society. We know we have to perform our social responsibiity because we earn welfare and treasure from society.

If you have any interests on volunteer work, do not hesitate to get involved in our charity programs. Please take a few munites to tell us know a little about yourself, we will contact you about opportunities based on your response below. Thanks.


Internships are an excellent way to keep your competitive edge. We offer a project-related program, you can earn professional work experience outside of the classroom environment in this program. We hope we can offer an intergrated experience by merging academic, personal development and career exploration in one through this internship experience.

Internships are typically part-time and can last three to twelve months. We also have recruitment plan for interns If they can pass our internal criteria of assessment.without doubt they have authority to give up the opportunity. Although interns are typically learners/trainees, an internship will combine academic and real world experiences providing meaningful, professional work assignments that meet the intern’s learning goals and objectives. At the same time, we these interns enter the society, they will  integrate into collectivity and group faster.

If you seek an internship for credit for special events or marketing, please fill out below information. Do not forget to leave a brief description about relevant experience. Thanks.


Come and join our growing team!

If you are seeking a position for project management, international marketing strategy or foreign trade, please email by attaching your resume and a brief description about relevant experience.