LANO® extrusion parts include PC/ABS/UPE/PA/PPUS extrusion parts.

ERASON® PVC Ca/Zn Stabilizers mainly use for producing PVC products including PVC Boards And Profiles, PVC Wires And Cables, PVC Pipes And Fittings,Sheets And Filmsand Other Special Purpose.

ERASON® Plastic Auxiliaries use to modify the physical properties of engineering plastics. Major Products: Lubricants, Fluorescer, Antioxygen, and UV Absorver.

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Process Plastic Extrusion Parts

PC/ABS/UPE/PA/PPUS extrusion parts.

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PVC Ca/Zn Stabilizers

Boards And Profiles Application: Rigid Boards, Semi-Rigid Boards, Free Foam Boards, Celuka Boards, Side Profiles, Flaky Profiles, Technical Profiles, Mild Profiles, Semi-Rigid Profiles

Wires And Cables Application: 70℃ Black Wires, 70℃ Light Wires, 70℃ Light Wires, 70℃ Dark Wires, 90℃~105℃ Dark Wires, 90℃~105℃ Light Wires, GB 70℃ cables, UL 60~75℃ cables, GB 90℃ (HI) cables, UL 90~105℃ cables

Pipes And Fittings Application: Rigid Pipes, Mild Transparent Pipes, Mild High Transparent Pipes, Rigid Fittings

Sheets And Films Application: Mild Foamed Sheets, Mild Sheets, Mile Transparent Sheets

Other Special Purpose: Inflatable Toys, Vinyl Toys, Plastic Dolls, Christmas Trees and etc

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Plastic Auxiliaries

Major Products: Lubricants, Fluorescer, Antioxygen, UV Absorver

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